James Arthur Ray lends advice on what it takes to be a leader

James Ray

Business and life coach, best-selling author, and entrepreneur James Arthur Ray is considered to be one of the world’s foremost leadership and performance advisors. His ability to take businesses to the next level and empower others is unmatched, making James Arthur Ray a leading authority on leadership and performance in business and life.

Furthering his effort to help others find their unique gifts they can leverage into success, James Arthur Ray is here to provide consultation and advice on what it takes to be a leader.

There are important qualities that a true leader must possess, but here are a few aspects of being a leader that James Arthur Ray believes often go underappreciated or unnoticed.

Leaders Bring Order from Chaos

James Arthur Ray would be the first to admit that life is chaotic. But a leader can turn that chaos into order and use it to their advantage. James Arthur Ray urges that those who hope to become true leaders must first become aware and attuned to the systems in their world. By systems, James Arthur Ray means your body, your business, and your relationships. These are all systems that operate interdependently. When coaching his clients, James Arthur Ray shares with them that there are four distinct phases to every system: Chaos, Order, Harmony, and Disharmony. This is a repetitive cycle and it takes a true leader to be aware enough to observe and source from the higher order that others don’t see. Most people judge the world based on what appears to be, but James Arthur Ray proclaims that a leader sees what is not yet apparent and can inspire others to do the same.

Leaders Master Their Mind

Investing time in mastering the physical body by doing things such as dieting and exercising is important for anyone who wants to be a leader, but so is mastering the mind or mental body. Literally becoming a master mind is what true leaders do best. Leaders understand that the substance of all things is consciousness. While this initially seems quite mystical, even quantum physics now proves this true. Max Planck the father of quantum physics states, “Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Leaders also understand and apply to their life the fact that every single person has the innate ability to think whatever they choose to think. Leaders realize that every thought creates the pathway for another thought and everything we learn creates the urge for more learning; every talent we possess creates the drive to acquire more skills or talents. In other words: Life must create more life.

To the degree that true leader leaves his team, his clients, and the entire world with the impression of increase in their own life and business, he knows he’s appealing to the inherent desire in every single person; and he will succeed.

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