James Ray Explains What it Really Means to ‘Know’ Something

James Ray

As one of the world’s foremost leadership and performance advisors, James Ray is constantly educating others on what it takes to be a successful in life and business.

According to James Ray, understanding what it really means to “know” something is an important aspect of obtaining complete success, superhuman achievement, and fulfillment. James Ray contests that just because you know of something doesn’t mean you really KNOW it.

James Ray points out that there’s a huge difference between “knowing about” something and actually “knowing” it.

“You can read every book in the world on gourmet cooking, but you don’t know gourmet cooking; you know ABOUT gourmet cooking. Big difference. The ONLY way to know is to do.” – James Ray

The art of learning something doesn’t end at just the initial exchange of information. Learning, and therefore “knowing,” is ultimately done through study. But the path toward truly knowing something doesn’t stop there.

Next, you must apply what you have learned and studied. Only when our knowledge is displayed in application can we say we truly understand something. Bet you thought it ends there. Guess again.

If you want to really know something you must continuously apply what you’ve learned, analyze, adjust, and take action once again based on your assessment and adaptation. In other words, you must embody it. Then, over time, you will BECOME what you KNOW. Once you become what you know, you have reached true wisdom.

This process of study, apply, adjust, act, embody can be applied to any of the fundamental principles of leadership that James Ray teaches to his clients.

The leadership principles as outlined by James Ray include:

  • There’s a thinking substance that permeates and penetrates everything in this Universe. This is fundamentally backed up by physics which states “Mind is the matrix of all matter.”
  • To think TRUTH regardless of appearances is TRUE Mastery.
  • Every single person has the God-given ability to think whatever they choose to think.
  • Every thought upon the formless substance creates a thought FORM. But the thought must be consistently held and FELT.
  • Because the will of God is INCREASE (a.k.a. expansion and growth), for any thought to work in harmony with the will of God, it must convey increase.
  • Every thought creates the pathway for another thought. Life MUST create more life! It cannot work contrary to its nature.
  • The true Leader and Master-Mind knows that he need not hurry, he need not compete.
  • The true Leader must always and only stay in the Creative Mind and continuously focus on more increase.
  • Leaders can, and must, desire to constantly expand and grow, while remaining completely satisfied with what they currently have.
  • The Leader is always grateful for what he has, for he realizes that life is a blessing and a gift.

Now that you “know about” these principles, James Ray wants you to implement them into your life and apply them where needed. Then, and only then, will you experience complete success, superhuman achievement, and fulfillment.

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