‘Mental Mastery’ Attendees Will Learn How To Overpower Adversity, James Arthur Ray Says

The Monday-through-Friday grind is one that literally pulverizes our motivation by the end of the week. Having logged at least 40 hours in the office completing company tasks — and many of us know that it’s well over that amount when factoring in the work we do at home — a well-deserved break is in order. Or is it?

That’s the question James Arthur Ray, an award-winning leadership and performance advisor, wants the working world to ask itself. Do you want to spend 48 hours lounging at home during the weekend? Or, do you want to boost your income, lose weight, write that novel, foster business relationships or attract the perfect mate? By attending “Mental Mastery and Power: The Psychology and Strategy of Superhuman Performance,” attemdees will learn how to uncap their ability to overpower adversity.

“To have those things, you have to be willing to do one thing: You have to tap into the superhuman parts of yourself that embrace disruption, effect transformation and think world-class,” says James Arthur Ray, “If you’re ready to do that, then you’re ready for this.”

Mental Mastery, held on Oct. 27 and 28, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, holds the key to unlocking life’s seemingly insurmountable problems. We all want to make the most of every day, but the wrong mindset means the hours drag on and the mental and physical reserves we need to accomplish what’s just out of reach go untapped. Making matter worse is that general fatigue can contribute to poor decisions and a daily sense of exhaustion. James Arthur Ray says that this upcoming two-day seminar shows attendees how to address mind, body and spirit when all three need a re-booting. As a result, those who commit to Mental Mastery teachings will discover their unique gift that finally puts lofty personal goals within reach.

“You are not like the others. You want more and you’re willing to do something about getting and having it. You’re ready to become it,” says Ray, who has consulted hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs at both a personal and professional level. The Mental Mastery event offers advance booking of limited general admission and VIP seats. Attendance at the VIP sessions include many perks such as 12 months of coaching with James Arthur Ray, access to an extensive online resource library, a monthly Q&A and more.

Go here for details: https://bit.ly/2N2SRwH

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