‘Mental Mastery’ Attendees Will Learn How To Overpower Adversity, James Ray Says

The Monday-through-Friday grind is one that literally pulverizes our motivation by the end of the week. Having logged at least 40 hours in the office completing company tasks — and many of us know that it’s well over that amount when factoring in the work we do at home — a well-deserved break is in order. Or is it?

That’s the question James Ray, an award-winning leadership and performance advisor, wants the working world to ask itself. Do you want to spend 48 hours lounging at home during the weekend? Or, do you want to boost your income, lose weight, write that novel, foster business relationships or attract the perfect mate? By attending “Mental Mastery and Power: The Psychology and Strategy of Superhuman Performance,” attendees will learn how to uncap their ability to overpower adversity.

“To have those things, you have to be willing to do one thing: You have to tap into the superhuman parts of yourself that embrace disruption, effect transformation and think world-class,” says James Arthur Ray, “If you’re ready to do that, then you’re ready for this.”

Mental Mastery, held on Oct. 27 and 28, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, holds the key to unlocking life’s seemingly insurmountable problems. We all want to make the most of every day, but the wrong mindset means the hours drag on and the mental and physical reserves we need to accomplish what’s just out of reach go untapped. Making matter worse is that general fatigue can contribute to poor decisions and a daily sense of exhaustion. James Arthur Ray says that this upcoming two-day seminar shows attendees how to address mind, body and spirit when all three need a re-booting. As a result, those who commit to Mental Mastery teachings will discover their unique gift that finally puts lofty personal goals within reach.

“You are not like the others. You want more and you’re willing to do something about getting and having it. You’re ready to become it,” says Ray, who has consulted hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs at both a personal and professional level. The Mental Mastery event offers advance booking of limited general admission and VIP seats. Attendance at the VIP sessions include many perks such as 12 months of coaching with James Arthur Ray, access to an extensive online resource library, a monthly Q&A and more.

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James Ray Explains What it Really Means to ‘Know’ Something

James Ray

As one of the world’s foremost leadership and performance advisors, James Ray is constantly educating others on what it takes to be a successful in life and business.

According to James Ray, understanding what it really means to “know” something is an important aspect of obtaining complete success, superhuman achievement, and fulfillment. James Ray contests that just because you know of something doesn’t mean you really KNOW it.

James Ray points out that there’s a huge difference between “knowing about” something and actually “knowing” it.

“You can read every book in the world on gourmet cooking, but you don’t know gourmet cooking; you know ABOUT gourmet cooking. Big difference. The ONLY way to know is to do.” – James Ray

The art of learning something doesn’t end at just the initial exchange of information. Learning, and therefore “knowing,” is ultimately done through study. But the path toward truly knowing something doesn’t stop there.

Next, you must apply what you have learned and studied. Only when our knowledge is displayed in application can we say we truly understand something. Bet you thought it ends there. Guess again.

If you want to really know something you must continuously apply what you’ve learned, analyze, adjust, and take action once again based on your assessment and adaptation. In other words, you must embody it. Then, over time, you will BECOME what you KNOW. Once you become what you know, you have reached true wisdom.

This process of study, apply, adjust, act, embody can be applied to any of the fundamental principles of leadership that James Ray teaches to his clients.

The leadership principles as outlined by James Ray include:

  • There’s a thinking substance that permeates and penetrates everything in this Universe. This is fundamentally backed up by physics which states “Mind is the matrix of all matter.”
  • To think TRUTH regardless of appearances is TRUE Mastery.
  • Every single person has the God-given ability to think whatever they choose to think.
  • Every thought upon the formless substance creates a thought FORM. But the thought must be consistently held and FELT.
  • Because the will of God is INCREASE (a.k.a. expansion and growth), for any thought to work in harmony with the will of God, it must convey increase.
  • Every thought creates the pathway for another thought. Life MUST create more life! It cannot work contrary to its nature.
  • The true Leader and Master-Mind knows that he need not hurry, he need not compete.
  • The true Leader must always and only stay in the Creative Mind and continuously focus on more increase.
  • Leaders can, and must, desire to constantly expand and grow, while remaining completely satisfied with what they currently have.
  • The Leader is always grateful for what he has, for he realizes that life is a blessing and a gift.

Now that you “know about” these principles, James Ray wants you to implement them into your life and apply them where needed. Then, and only then, will you experience complete success, superhuman achievement, and fulfillment.

The Difference between Dissatisfaction and Desire

james arthur ray

As an accomplished life and business coach, James is an expert on leadership and helping others obtain what they truly desire. However, he often finds that people confuse their desires with dissatisfaction.

To help clear the murky waters, we’re here to discuss the difference between dissatisfaction and desire.

For starters, James would like to address the fact that some of life’s hardest skills to learn such as gratitude or similar emotional states are often considered “soft skills,” but he cautions that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Lacking gratitude is to be dissatisfied. When you’re dissatisfied there are two things in play. First, you’re focused on what’s either bad, wrong, or not there at all. Secondly, you’re hindering yourself from the gifts life and God have given you.

A simple example of this is when you give someone a gift. If they express great gratitude, you’ll likely want to keep giving. If they complain or seem dissatisfied, you probably won’t be prone to gifting them again.

Richard Spanton Jr. explains that dissatisfaction puts you in a place where you feel limited, impatient, and believing you lack what you truly need. None of which are empowering states for creativity and resourcefulness. Leaders always want more in life, yet a true leader knows the difference between desire and being dissatisfied.

James Ray explains that true leaders are constantly searching for personal growth but at the same time they realize that they must remain grateful for what they’ve been given.

Leaders are able to maintain their desire while never being dissatisfied.

There is a certain optimistic viewpoint that leaders take on. Angela Duckworth’s research on grit proves this to be a critical factor in long-term success. Along with Carol Dweck, Martin Seligman and others. Wherever they currently reside, whatever they have, leaders are able to appreciate it and realize they could have less and things could always be much worse.

Still not convinced about the power of gratitude after this information from James Ray? Well, how about the evidence produced by neuroscience. Recent studies in neuroscience have proved that practicing gratitude regularly can actually change the structure of your brain through neuroplasticity.

In leaders, with gratitude comes a healthy desire. Desire is our mind compelling us to become the very best version of ourselves. But James Ray warns those that he coaches in life and business that understanding the difference between fantasy, a wish, and true desire is very important.

According to James Ray, “Leaders can, and must, desire to constantly expand, experience and express more fully, but they absolutely cannot be dissatisfied with what currently exists.”

James Ray lends advice on what it takes to be a leader

James Ray

Business and life coach, best-selling author, and entrepreneur James Ray is considered to be one of the world’s foremost leadership and performance advisors. His ability to take businesses to the next level and empower others is unmatched, making him a leading authority on leadership and performance in business and life.

Furthering his effort to help others find their unique gifts they can leverage into success, James is here to provide consultation and advice on what it takes to be a leader.

There are important qualities that a true leader must possess, but here are a few aspects of being a leader that James Arthur Ray believes often go underappreciated or unnoticed.

Leaders Bring Order from Chaos

James Arthur Ray would be the first to admit that life is chaotic. But a leader can turn that chaos into order and use it to their advantage. James Arthur Ray urges that those who hope to become true leaders must first become aware and attuned to the systems in their world. By systems, James Arthur Ray means your body, your business, and your relationships. These are all systems that operate interdependently. When coaching his clients, James Arthur Ray shares with them that there are four distinct phases to every system: Chaos, Order, Harmony, and Disharmony. This is a repetitive cycle and it takes a true leader to be aware enough to observe and source from the higher order that others don’t see. Most people judge the world based on what appears to be, but James Arthur Ray proclaims that a leader sees what is not yet apparent and can inspire others to do the same.

Leaders Master Their Mind

Investing time in mastering the physical body by doing things such as dieting and exercising is important for anyone who wants to be a leader, but so is mastering the mind or mental body. Literally becoming a master mind is what true leaders do best. Leaders understand that the substance of all things is consciousness. While this initially seems quite mystical, even quantum physics now proves this true. Max Planck the father of quantum physics states, “Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Leaders also understand and apply to their life the fact that every single person has the innate ability to think whatever they choose to think. Leaders realize that every thought creates the pathway for another thought and everything we learn creates the urge for more learning; every talent we possess creates the drive to acquire more skills or talents. In other words: Life must create more life.

To the degree that true leader leaves his team, his clients, and the entire world with the impression of increase in their own life and business, he knows he’s appealing to the inherent desire in every single person; and he will succeed.